About Us


Few MBA’s and engineers from Harvard, IIM & IIT, who were working with Multinational Consulting, Private Equity, Venture Capital firms, Investment Banks and Stock Broking firms in India and US came across several difficulties while setting up offices for their respective organizations in India. They realised that there was nothing here in India similar to the concept of Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in UK or Short Terms Rental in US that helped one find right Offices, Apartments and Paying Guest Accommodations. They wasted most of their time dealing with brokers, who would take them to places not as per their liking, required area, location and budget. While interacting with prospective Owners / Landlords, they further learned that their ordeal was no different. Brokers brought prospective clients who did not meet any of their criteria and there were always hassles with the budget, required area, furnishing/ un-furnishing or, the duration of lease period required and availability never matched.

After burning a lot of midnight oil on this subject of Real Estate in India and US, they brainstormed to conceptualize the idea of a unique website as one of them was closing a Deal in Private Equity Space; one was working at Wall Street in US and another at Dalal Street in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. They combined all the four words and that is how RealEstateDealStreet.com was born.

RealEstateDealStreet.com is the only site in India that lets Sellers/Landlords deal directly with Buyers/ Tenants and helps both parties with negotiations, legal assistances and fulfilling of all regulatory requirements in India’s unregulated real estate market.

So if you are on the path of RealEstateDealStreet, you can certainly save yourself from all the running around, payment of brokerage and most importantly, your precious time.