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RealEstateDealStreet.com is an online real-estate service dedicated to help you take right decisions related to buying, selling and renting of properties in and around Mumbai. It allows Buyer/Seller and Owner/Tenant to deal directly with each other, without involving the Broker/Agent, thus saving the Brokerage/Commission and most importantly your precious time. To complete a real-estate deal in Mumbai you have to deal with several allied parties, hence to make it easier for you
RealEstateDealStreet.com provides with the support from experts to help you in negotiation, legal work and various other formalities involved. You can end your search for not only Apartments, Flats, Offices but also properties involved with short-term rental like Service Apartments, B&B, Paying Guest Accommodation and Flat share by registering here. RealEstateDealStreet.com only gives the users an opportunity to avail the deal with ‘No Broker, No Brokerage’. So what are you waiting for? Sometimes we waste years of our life cumulatively and lose opportunities for the sake of small amount of money. It’s human nature. We hope you will be able to overcome the ego or fear or laziness that creates this tendency. On our part we are a call or mail away. For further details click on ‘Why Register’ and About us.

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RealEstateDealStreet.com is not against brokers, but this site is not for brokers. We don’t allow brokers to list their property on our website. Our system programmed to detect and remove any such listing immediately, and the subscription money in such cases will be forfeited.